Engineered Cranes for Paper Production & Storage


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Precision lifting, enhance production flows, increase productivity, reduce product damage, optimise inventory, maximise your profits.

Besides high availability under tough production conditions, short cycle times are required for storage and retrieval operations in the paper industry. Integrated logistics solutions offering high-density utilisation in paper reel stores are decisive factors in the competition for growth potential in the industry. You expect cranes to be reliable partners in the various processing stages of paper production and storage. You can rely on MHE-Demag to deliver tailored reliable, safe and efficiency solutions.

Modern paper roll storage in printing houses old buildings often mean limited space. Modern production facilities help to increase efficiency and flexibility. Our aim is to enhance production flow, eliminate susceptibility to faults, increase throughput rates, avoid new building, keep loads on the building as low as possible. Our task also includes the optimisation of loads transmitted to the crane runway and support structures. Your input is a critical contribution towards this optimisation.


Wet End:
The high temperatures and humidity levels mean that special requirements are needed at the wet end of the paper production process. True vertical lift: safe work without hook travel avoids damage to paper machines and products and minimises the risk of accidents. Optimum lifting path of the auxiliary hoists: easy accessibility to the machinery for repair work. Lifting/travelling with automatic control: smooth handling of the load protects capital goods and products against damage. Absolutely synchronous lifting and cross-travel operation (master-slave operation): ensures safety for products and personnel. Inverter control for long and cross travel: minimises load sway

Dry End:
Safe production at full load operation – torsionally stiff girders. Easy positioning of the load due to acceleration and deceleration independent of the load. Semi-automatic long and cross travel possible by automatically approaching basic positions on the paper machine. Radio remote control systems ensure safe operation – the load is always in sight. Bypass control for safety zones and collision protection Full compatibility with the relevant European standards ensures maximum availability of your production facilities.

Coating & Rewinder:
Load handling attachment with safety control for safely picking up the load. Paper rolls secured against rolling away prevent the load being picked up incorrectly. Motor-powered rotating spreader bar for turning the paper rolls into position. Easily accessible crane subassemblies reduce maintenance periods Since the crane design is adapted to the structure of the building, minimum structural elements and enclosed space are required, thus reducing construction costs.


Automatic Storage:
Highly developed, sophisticated technologies guarantee the safe handling of unpacked and packed paper reels in the automatic reel store. Two cranes with differing gripper systems, i.e. electro-mechanical grippers and vacuum lifting units, handle the paper reels in the vertical block storage arrangement.

With annual production levels frequently in hundreds of thousands of tonne, an extremely high level of accuracy and availability are prerequisites. MHE-Demag provides engineered crane systems that are optimised for handling paper rolls in such storage configurations.

Intermediate Store – Smooth and Safe Intermediate Storage of Paper Rolls

Automated solutions for maximum utilization of the available height and area: optimum utilization of space. Maximum handling rates, and careful handling of tissue paper, coated and non-coated paper and cardboard. Safe handling, maximum positioning accuracy and minimum working cycle times provide for, efficiency, utilization of space, delivery performance, status information and material protection.

Shipping Store – Status Information and Delivery Performance

Continuous inventory of warehouse stock, permanent delivery performance due to high availability and reduction of long-term warehouse stock. Safe handling by means of back-up systems, even in the case of power failure, efficient storage is based on, minimum warehouse stock, access speed, availability, status information and reliability.

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Engineered Cranes for Paper Production & Storage

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Engineered Cranes for Paper Production & Storage

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