Engineered Cranes

Engineered crane solution from a partner who understands your industry.

  • Engineered Cranes For Aircraft Maintenance

    Extensive expertise in the planning and manufacture of engineered crane solutions that are precisely matched to the p

  • Engineered Cranes For Container Handling

    Engineered to suit the application, a scalable solution for low, medium or high container turnover rates with options

  • Engineered Cranes for Paper Production & Storage

    Precision lifting, enhance production flows, increase productivity, reduce product damage, optimise inventory, maximi

  • Engineered Cranes For Power Plants

    MHE-Demag powerhouse cranes are the preferred choice by the world’s leading turbine suppliers and employed to lift

  • Engineered Cranes For Process Integration

    Linking processes with efficient materials handling solutions is a sure way of increasing safety, productivity and re

  • Engineered Cranes For Recycling & Bulk Material Handling

    Designed for continuous duty, aggressive environments, lifting a variety of materials with a variety of grabs, MHE-De

  • Engineered Cranes For Steel Production & Storage

    MHE-Demagis renouned for having delivered many engineered cranes to the steel industry from steelmaking to steel s