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Clips (Boltable Clips & Weldable Clips)

Designed to allow fine adjustment for alignment, whilst at the same time providing a self locking effect against the force of the crane.

Crane rails need to be installed to fine tolerances. Our infinitely adjustable clip designs allow rails to be aligned very precisely. The clips are also designed to carry the very high forces that the cranes can sometimes apply to the rails. With types that can be bolted and others that can be welded, you have the choice of the most appropriate installation method for your needs.

Our self-locking crane rail clips are designed to align and securely fix the rail. The elastomer ‘nose’ applies a controlled force to the rail to restrict excessive movement.

They must:

  • Fit the support structure
  • Fit the rail
  • Carry the horizontal forces from crane wheels perpendicular to the rail

Comparing the sizes, welded clips give a stronger installation but bolted clips are often more convenient.

  • Find or estimate the horizontal force to be carried by the clip. It is assumed that all of the load from one wheel will rest on one clip. If the load is not known it may be assumed to be 10% of the vertical wheel load.
  • Choose the style of clip you require – bolted or welded. These are identified with their respective strengths in the table below.
  • Find the dimensions of the foot of the rail to be used. See our assortment of Crane Rails for reference.
  • Check that the selected clip will fit the installation. The table gives the dimension that must be added to the foot width of the rail to achieve the minimum support width.
  • Check that the other clip dimensions will suit the application by referring to data sheet for the clip.

The choice between bolted clips and those with welded lower components is often based on industry practice and preference. The bolted clips are very economical, but when you compare the sizes, they are rated significantly lower on load carrying capacity. Thus heavy-duty industries such as steel and aluminium manufacturers tend to use welded base clips, whereas lighter applications, such as industrial buildings and high bay warehouses use bolted clips that are fixed by bolting. We are always happy to give guidance on this matter.

It is assumed that grade 8.8 bolts will be used. If welded studs or grade 4.6 bolts are used, then their strength is only assumed to be 40% of the grade 8.8 bolts.

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Clips (Boltable Clips & Weldable Clips)

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Clips (Boltable Clips & Weldable Clips)

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