Air Hoists

Intended for use in potentially explosive environments, and can be used in hazardous areas.

  • JDN Air Hoists M Series

    Operate with an air pressure of 4 bar only.

  • JDN Air Hoists Mini

    Recommended especially for heavy-duty industrial applications.

  • JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists

    Innovative system solutions to meet the special requirements of this range of use.

  • JDN Crane Kits

    Overhead travelling cranes up to 10t capacity can be built very simply and economically especially for use in haza

  • JDN Low Headroom Trolleys

    Where the air hoists are horizontally mounted.

  • JDN Mini Manipulator

    With the JDNMini Manipulator, loads can be lifted, lowered, manually traversed and fed with only one hand.

  • JDN Monorail Air Hoists

    Where heavy loads have to be moved in reduced spaces.

  • JDN Trolleys

    Easy to install, complete with anti-climb and anti-drop devices, robust and require little maintenance.

  • Other JDN products

    Alternatives for various applications.