Rope Balancer


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Weightless guiding and positioning of loads.

Sensitive parts need to be handled smoothly and gently, work pieces have to be positioned with maximum precision. The Demag E-Balancer is a solution for these demanding tasks. The E-Balancer acts like an extension to the operator’s arm for maximum safety and ergonomics.
The E-Balancer is the ideal tool for special applications that require load guidance with positioning accuracy down to the last millimetre. It enables all load pick-up, transport and positioning applications to be implemented to meet your exact needs.

  • Special operating modes for weightless guiding and positioning of loads
  • Intuitive control of lifting and lowering motions without the need to press buttons
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free operation
  • Rugged technology to meet industrial demands
  • High safety and reliability due to continuous load monitoring
  • Service-friendly thanks to plug-&-play connections

Unique user-friendly design
The drive technology incorporated in the E-Balancer provides for high operating speeds for high handling rates. Two unique operating modes provide the operator with effective support:

  • Load pick-up mode
    Load handling attachments can be lifted and pre-tensioned, allowing the load to be removed from a chuck without dropping or being suddenly pulled upwards, for example. Jigs and machinery can be protected at the same time, since the balancer lifts the load with a previously specified force.
  • Assembly mode
    High level of safety and precision for assembly operations, since any oscillation and uncontrolled load movements are suppressed.

Load handling operations can be conveniently controlled in “Grip control” mode using the D-Grip handle. The load can be handled and guided direct by means of slight movements by switching over to “Load control” mode.

The E-Balancer ensures that the load is safely braked. Automatic monitoring functions, such as limit switches and lifting force limitation, are integrated. The load is also safely held in the event of a power failure.

Workplaces can also be equipped with particularly ergonomic solutions with the E-Balancer. It enables effort and fatigue to be minimised and reduces the risk of absenteeism due to accidents and work-related injuries. This improves precision in assembly and enhances the quality of your products.

The E-Balancer only operates with an electric power supply; thanks to its plug-&-play connections, it can be quickly put into operation. Any complicated installation and maintenance of an additional media supply are eliminated.

Versatile application
The E-Balancer ensures that the load is safely braked. Besides a series of standardised modules, such as load hooks and box and shaft grippers, load handling attachments that are designed to meet specific customer needs can also be employed.

Easy to service
Status messages can be shown on 7-segment displays on the housing and on the control unit for a high level of system transparency. The selected parameters can be saved as a data record on a PC. This enables them to be uploaded into a replacement unit or to be used for new units that
are set up for similar workplaces.

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Rope Balancer

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Rope Balancer

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