Chameleon Cradles

The Chameleon twin synchronise drum hoist cradles offer high safety and reliability. They ensure smooth quiet operation with extremely low wire rope wear characteristic to ensure wire ropes longevity.

MHE-Demag is first to incorporate the drum hoist system and the only manufacturer in Asia to supply this revolutionary product for building and structure maintenance application. The Syncro winch unit as a capacity of 500kg and a lifting height of up to 180m. Compare to other conventional self-power traction hoist system, MHE-DemagSyncro winch cradles offer much higher durability and extends the wire rope service life of up to more than 2 times.

The Syncrowinch is a twin drum system specially designed and manufactured by Plumettaz in Switzerland. The double active suspension wire rope system ensures 50/50 balance load distribution at all time even when all the pay load is apply to one side of the cradle. The mechanical self-levelling technology is an integral part of the Syncowinch design, it limits the cradle tilts to not more the 7 degrees to prevent any risk of operator falling out from the cradle. The wire ropes each has a minimal safety factor greater than 12 times the design load for maximum safety and peace of mind operation.

The rear mounted Syncrowinch design in the Chameleon I maximise operators efficiency and storage versatility with uniterrupted reach to both sides of more than 2.5m stretch from the compact 1.6m length.

Specification of Syncrowinch:

  • 500 kg winch capacity
  • Max. 180m lifting height
  • 8.8 m/min lifting speed
  • Dia. 6.5mm wire rope
  • Double stop block safety
  • Shock impact below 2.0
  • Manual descend at controlled speed
  • TÜV certified to EN1808

Types of Chameleon cradle:

  • Chameleon I with a 1.6m length and a single Syncrowinch at the back of the cradle
  • Chameleon II with a 2 or 3m length and double Syncrowinches at both ends of the cradle
  • Chameleon II with modular platforms up to 15m in length
  • Chameleon II with pantograph design to reach into the recessed façade, up to 1.2m in depth
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Chameleon Cradles

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Chameleon Cradles

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