• MHE Automated Guided Vehicle Parking Systems

    Having a robot as your valet.

  • MHE ETV Parkers

    Feature a robust comb structure on which the tyres of the cars rest safely.

  • MHE Multi-Tower Parkers

    Comb type shuttle slides the cars longitudinaly into the parking bays.

  • MHE Pallet Parking

    Parking pallets move on rails and can be shifted sideways with the push of a button.

  • MHE Puzzle Parking Systems

    Slide cars on pallets into the nearest available parking bay like a sliding puzzle.

  • MHE Shuttle Parkers

    Increase parking space efficiency by 10 times.

  • MHE Stacker Parking Systems

    Provide two parking levels in the space of one.

  • MHE Uni-Tower Parkers

    Occupy the least area of land to store a maximum quantity of cars.