There may be many reasons why an upgrade is required, even if the equipment is in perfect condition.
Changes in operation or operational flow at an existing site may require a higher capacity.

If this is the case, the Goods Hoist could be upgraded from 1500 kg to 2000 kg.
After structural and functional assessment of all components we will determine the scope of modifications, new components and reinforcements required. 
Major new components for the new MHE Demag rope hoist include the lifting cage
and the mounting beam.
The re-location of equipment requires the dimensions to be changed
This crane was moved within an existing facility, which required the crane span to be increased from 18 m to 20.5 m and the lifting height from 6 m to 7.5 m. The capacity of the crane had to remain the same.
The objective was also to re-use as many components as possible.
After structural assessment, the girders were extended and reinforced.
The wire rope was changed and dead rope was added. This allowed the existing drum to be re-used.
Upgrading control components and systems
Due to the change in lifting requirements we needed to upgrade the drive and control system of this crane. 
Variable speed drives were installed and the control system was changed so that it was inverter controlled. 
We also added a radio control allowing more flexible operation of the crane.