Spare Parts for Non-MHE-Demag Products

Spare Parts for Non-MHE-Demag Products
The availability of spare parts for material handling equipment and systems can become an issue after the original purchase. Smaller or specialised suppliers, especially from overseas, often do not have the necessary after-sales infrastructure in place that is required to support the equipment throughout its life-cycle. Missing or misplaced documentation can add to the problem. The results are often:
  • Increased downtime of the equipment
  • Reduced productivity
  • Usage of unsuitable locally fabricated parts
  • In-house repairs and modifications to keep the equipment somehow operational 
  • Eventual non-use of the equipment
Due to our variety of activities and products we have excellent relationships with our partners, principals, dealers and trading houses worldwide. As such, in most cases we are in a position to help you.
Our in-house design and engineering team can also assist you to review specifications and recommend suitable alternatives and/or modifications that support future serviceability and availability of spare parts for your equipment.