Spare Parts for MHE-Demag Products

Spare Parts for MHE-Demag Products
Located at our base, we carefully analyse the requirements of spare parts and wear and tear parts. Past usage and potential future needs are considered to achieve a parts availability of above 90%. Supported by our integrated IT system we are able to stock the right parts in the right quantity at the right location close to your equipment.
Parts for MHE-Demag Cranes and Hoists
Alongside standard spare parts and wear and tear parts we can offer functional spare part sets to reduce maintenance requirements and ensure functional reliability, a long service life and high product availability in an economical way.
  • Repair sets: for example for rope guides
  • Maintenance sets: for example for seals
  • Extension sets: for example for bypass controls or load detectors
  • General overhaul sets: for example for gearboxes or hoists

Parts for MHE-Demag Warehouse Trucks

Standard spare parts and wear and tear parts are
available to ensure that your warehouse trucks are always operational. 
Parts for MHE-Demag Building Maintenance Systems

The purpose of our Building Maintenance Systems is to keep your building clean and well maintained. We support our systems and ensure your operators' safety by having the necessary parts available.
Parts for MHE-Demag Docking Equipment
Loading docks are the first and last contact at any facility. It's the place where supplies first arrive and the place from where shipments leave. To ensure that your fast-paced docking operation runs smoothly and safely we have all the necessary spare parts, wear and tear parts and accessories available. 
Parts for MHE-Demag Power Electrification Systems
Spare Parts for Vahle Electrification Systems ensure that your mobile devices are continuously supplied with power or data.

Parts for MHE-Demag Access Work Platforms 
Our work platforms help you to reach areas inside and outside your building that are difficult to access. We have the necessary parts available to ensure continuous operation of your equipment.
Parts for other MHE-Demag Products and Systems
All our other MHE-Demag products are equally well supported in terms of the availability of spare parts and wear and tear parts to make sure that your equipment has the highest possible uptime.