Equipment Audits

Equipment Audits are necessary and recommended for a variety of reasons:
Internal rules and regulations (e.g. ISO)
Your internal quality system might require regular audits of your material handling equipment and systems. 
Inspections required by local rules and regulations
Different equipment requires different inspections in different countries. We have experts who are familiar with the relevant rules and regulations in each country and support you to fulfil the requirements. Load tests are often needed and we can help you to arrange these together with the necessary test loads.

Safety audits according to accident prevention regulations

We will assess the continuous safe operation of your equipment and make the necessary recommendations for modifications.
Process and performance changes 
The required functionality and performance of your equipment may change over time. We will assess the suitability of your equipment to fulfil the changed requirements and recommend necessary changes/modifications and upgrades.  
Planning of reliability based maintenance
An equipment audit will be the starting point. Based on the condition of the equipment we will, in a comprehensive report, recommend measures to maintain and maximise the lifespan of individual equipment modules. The report includes budgetary proposals and a timeline for these measures to allow you to sufficiently plan.