BMU Refurbishment / Upgrading / NEW for existing Buildings

BMU refurbishment
Throughout the region we have seen a number of buildings with a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) on the rooftop that is out of operation. This could be due to a number of reasons:
  • The unit cannot fulfil the functional requirements due to incorrect design or changes to the building that were not considered in the planning stage
  • There is a lack of operator training
  • There is limited service, maintenance and parts availability from the original BMU supplier
We call these BMUs "White Elephants", a phrase which is defined as: "A valuable possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) exceeds its usefulness". If you are the owner of a "White Elephant" we would like to discuss with you how to revive your BMU and make it functional according your cleaning and maintenance needs. 
Exchanging the cradle
We replace cradles that are unsafe to operate, do not comply with the relevant regulations or are simply out of operation due to lack of maintenance with our Chameleon I cradle.
Cradles with conventional traction winches also require the wire ropes to be changed frequently, which is not necessary with the use of a Chameleon.  
 Switching to trackless BMU
Track systems on the rooftop are often the source of BMU functioning problems. In addition, they need substantial maintenance. If space permits and roof loading is allowed, the use of a trackless Eagle may be a viable option.  
An Eagle is also an option if replacing socket and davit systems, which are hard to use.
New for existing buildings
There are various reasons why a larger number of high-rise buildings do not have a permanent BMU: 
  • Suitable equipment was not available at the time the building was built
  • A BMU (especially for residential buildings) was not considered necessary
  • Alternative methods of cleaning and maintenance (e.g. spiderman) were perceived as more economical
With the Eagle and Chameleon, together with our complete range of Aerial Work Platforms, we are now able to provide you with both cost effective and safe building maintenance solutions for your existing building.