Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment
It is important to ensure that the correct auxiliary equipment is installed and well maintained "under the hook", as this has a substantial impact on the safety and efficiency of your cranes and hoists.
The use of slings for lifting and rigging is widespread. Slings vary in material, texture, flexibility and strength and if chosen, applied and maintained correctly can be used for lifting any type of load regardless of size, weight, shape or fragility. Slings are typically attached and detached depending on when they are needed.


Spreaders are typically used when handling containers. Their operation can range from manual to fully automatic. Spreaders can have different configurations to allow containers of various sizes to be lifted.
Load beams

Load beams are used when a load cannot be lifted from a single point due to its size or shape. Load beams can be designed for lifting one specific load or with the possibility of adjustment to cater for loads of different lengths.
Rotating hooks
Rotating hooks are used when the positioning of the load has to change between pick-up points and unloading points. These hooks can be manually operated or motorised and load measuring devices and load displays can be incorporated.
Laminated hooks for ladle handling
These are special hooks to handle molten metal ladles. They are typically attached to a load beam. These hooks are specifically designed to fulfil their purpose. They are laminated for safety reasons to ensure that an isolated defect in the material will not result in the immediate and complete failure of the hook. 
Grabs are typically used to handle bulk material. They are either motorised or operated hydraulically. Depending on the properties of the actual material that is being handled, different designs, such as clamshell, orange peel, trimming or dredging grab, are applied. 
Magnets are used to lift steel without the use of slings or hooks. This makes the operation more efficient and safer. Both permanent magnets and electromagnets can be used. Magnets are used independently or in groups.   
C Hooks
Coil Lifters, also referred to as Coil Hooks or C Hooks are available in different types, sizes and shapes depending on the actual handling of the product and other operational and space considerations.
However, the above list is by no means complete. If you need to handle varying loads or need to handle your load differently, please contact us and together we will find the most economic and efficient solution for your requirements.