Xenon Horizontal Lifeline Systems

crane hoist manufacturer

For fall arrest systems, MHE-Demag works with Sperian Protection, a global leader in personal protective equipment for the workplace or high-risk environments. 
The Xenon horizontal lifeline is an anchorage device incorporating a flexible stainless steel cable. The system can provide the perfect solution for safe working at heights. Its principal components are: shutters, a cable, shock absorbers, a tensioner, intermediate hangars and end anchors.
The versatile Xenon lifeline can be installed on all types of configurations: straight or curved lines, with multiple bends, on the floor or on the ridgeline or frontal posts. It is designed for 4 users with 8 mm of cable or 7 users with 10 mm of cable. The horizontal lifeline can be installed on an inclination of up to 15 degrees.