Truck Restraints

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Vehicle Restraint
Rear Impact Guard Type
Vehicle creep. Unscheduled truck departures. Careless parking. It happens in many loading docks. In a busy dock there can be hundreds of opportunities a day, on each loading dock, for a most serious accident to occur.
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MHE-Blue Giant offers 3 types of truck restraint to suit your loading dock:
The StrongArm™ Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint
The StrongArm is the latest technology in truck restraint systems developed through extensive research of a large number of dock loading operations.  It delivers advanced functionality and security to loading dock operations with its many built-in features, making it one of the safest and most user-friendly restraints around. The incredible low profile allows the rear impact guard to clear the restraint body during arrival to or departure from the loading dock, causing no physical or costly damage to either the trailer or the restraint itself.
SVR 303
TL85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint

The TL-85 hydraulic restraint centres around a non-impact "swing-up" arm design to confine a vehicle's rear impact guard or ICC bar. It can come with an internal hydraulic pump for a self-contained unit, or an external hydraulic pump in places where flooding could be a concern.  With the TL-85 in operation, vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock. 
ML10 Mechanical Vehicle Restraint

Simplicity of design, heavy-duty construction materials with minimal maintenance/lubrication requirements are reflected in low long-term operation costs. The dock attendant controls safety and productivity quickly and efficiently with a single detachable control rod.