Industrial Lifts

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MHE-Demag manufacture and market many different types of industrial lifts, such as table scissor lifts, goods lifts, cargo lifts, loading bay elevating docks and even large scissor lifts for lifting goods and machineries. Specialised lifts can also be manufactured for applications such as in lifting vehicles, aircraft maintenance, theatre stages and other forms of vertical movement applications.
Our products are all made to the highest standards and comply with international and local safety norms with top quality hydraulics and mechanical components.  Many options are available to ensure that the lift can be fully customised to your requirements.
In general, our industrial lifts are divided into 4 categories:
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Stage Lifters
  • Car/Truck Lifts
  • Cargo/Goods Lifts 
 We can also tailor special lifts to fit our customers' requirements and applications whenever required.

Scissor Lifts  

Scissor lifts have a wide variety of applications in the material handling industry, as well as on the production floor of many industries.
In material handling processes, a typical scissor lift application would be as a goods lifter to raise the floor level of the particular product or goods, so that they can then be transported away.
In a factory or industrial setting, it can act as an insert device along the assembly line, or as a small worktable for factory production or automotive assembly process.
Our scissor lift range can be categorised as follows:

Stage Lifters  

Stage lifters are used for controlling the height of the floor. It could be a stage in a shopping centre, a performance stage or even the audience seating areas on the theatre floor.  
You can then raise the stage up, lower it down or even level it so that it is flush with the floor. With this you can control the stage height, raise or lower it to any level depending on the application (it can be for an audience or performance stage etc.).

Car/Truck Lifts  

The car/truck lifter is widely used to lift cars/trucks from one floor to another in today's modern architectural buildings.
This can be used in car showrooms, hotels, shopping centres or other buildings which have limited or no driveway for the car to move from one floor to another.  

Cargo Lift / Goods Hoist  

Cargo/Goods Lifts is a machine used for raising and lowering goods by means of a cable. The lift medium is a wire rope, wrapped around a drum or load chain, raised by a pulley with a special profile to engage the chain. The application could be for factories, warehouses, hotels or shop warehouses where goods must be transferred from one floor to another.