Stabilizer Assisted Telescopic Boom with Double Fly Jib, Wheels or Crawlers Type

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Stabiliser Assisted Telescopic Boom with Double fly-jib, Wheel or Crawler Type
This is the most compact AWP providing the highest reach and yet the smallest dimension in its travelling and stowed position. The machine height is less than 2 m, and the machine width is less than 0.8 m (on wheels) and less than 1.5 m (on crawler). This allows the machine to pass through doors to operate in any area and location. 
The specially designed double fly-jib allows more flexibility and access to areas that cannot be reached by a normal straight boom. It has two individual jib arms working independently for greater reach in any position. The individual jib arm is 3.5 m in length giving a total of 7 m extra outreach for the machine. 
We offer a range from a 26 m up to a 52 m working height with either a battery or diesel operated engine.
The machine is CE certified and complies with EN280.