Speed Hoist D-SH

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  • D-SH Handling Small Container
  • Speed Hoist D-SH
  • D-SH Handling Small Container
  • Speed Hoist D-SH
Our D-SH SpeedHoist electric rope winch provides you with fast, convenient and precise load handling.  It is used for loads up to 80 or 160 kg and offers variable lifting speeds up to 70 m/min. The SpeedHoist incorporates easily adjusted dynamics to meet your needs (speed and acceleration).

  • Integrated elapsed operating time counter to schedule maintenance intervals
  • Diagnostics support in the event of malfunctions – the flashing code in the handle as well as the error memory in the operating terminal indicate possible errors
  • Free digital output configuration to control external devices
  • Featuring manual force control and D-Grip operating handle, including quick-change coupling for load handling attachments
  • With rocker switch
  • Maximum safety for the operator, the load and the location or installation: the SpeedHoist switches off automatically when the top or bottom hook position is reached and in the event of an overload.
When the SpeedHoist is combined with components from the proven Demag KBK crane construction kit, virtually any conceivable monorail or suspension crane design can be created.

Ideal solution for handling at airports
SpeedHoist units can be used for significantly improved ergonomics when handling loads, from single items to baggage. The rocker switch is particularly suitable for these applications. Personnel are relieved of arduous work, and absenteeism due to illness, and injuries can be reduced significantly.