crane hoist manufacturer

Our comprehensive range of hoists and winches is suitable for all sorts of applications, applicable to numerous industries. Sourced directly from Europe, straight out of the factories from Demag, Donati and JD Neuhaus, we deliver uncompromised design and quality excellence. These machines provide the muscles for your material handling!

Chain Hoists  

Our Demag DC chain hoists set a new industrial standard with their all-inclusive design. Our customers get a fully featured product, with many features already integrated into the chain hoist's standard configuration, instead of having to be ordered and bought as extras elsewhere.
Our chain hoists feature higher speed for increased performance, and improved safety and reliability, thanks to the unique new safety concept and monitoring system.

Rope Hoists  

Our Demag rope hoists meet all the requirements of state-of-the-art hoist units and give you the certainty of a secure long-term investment. Besides their particularly long service life, they also offer comprehensive standard features at an attractive price.
Among the industrial-leading standard features are:
  • Higher hoist speed for faster handling
  • Increased FEM classification
  • Unmatched safety features that include an overload device, a geared limit switch, a protective rope guide, a new design for the bottom block with handle, a fast acting brake etc.

Air Hoists  

Our JDN air hoists are at the forefront of current technology and offer numerous benefits to customers. When risk of explosion is a concern, our air hoists are an ideal solutions as they are intended for use in potentially explosive environments, and can be used in hazardous areas. Our air hoists have no limits with reference to operation time (100% ED) and no limitation in starts/stops per hour whereas electrical hoists are limited by their duty cycles.
Other benefits:
  • Weatherproof: Any ingress of dirt or water etc. is simply blown out by air without affecting function
  • Overload resistance: The pneumatic motor simply stops without any damage, and the stall torque does not overheat or jam
  • Variable speed: Easy, accurate and a wide range of speed control at low cost
  • Easy maintenance: Maintenance is easily carried out due to the sophisticated modular system

Rope Balancer  

Easier handling with greater precision – safe and simple

Our rope balancer is the most advanced pneumatically-powered balancer system available. Your can use this system to guide and move your loads effortlessly into an exact position, even without the need for a control pendant. It is available in standard capacity of 55 kg and 110 kg.

Rope Winch  

Customized to your requirements

 We can customize our winches for wherever loads need to be lifted over great heights or the low-vibration operation offered by a rope drive is required. Our custom hoists are available with a capacity up to 500 t and hook paths up to 200 m.

Speed Hoist  

Simple, fast and efficient load handling
Our SpeedHoist is specially designed for fast load handling applications with loads weighing up to 80 kg or 160 kg. The D-Grip control handle enables the load to be guided especially easily and precisely, in exactly the same way as you move your own hand.