Small And Medium Sized Systems

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VAHLE cable festoon systems guide electrical power cables (as flat and round cables) and hoses for gaseous and liquid media to movable devices. The cable festoon systems are guided in tracks (profiled tracks, square or I-shaped profile).

All tracks can be bent in accordance with the track layout taking into consideration the minimum bending radii and the cable loop depths. Naturally, we manufacture our cable festoon systems in accordance with VDE regulations.

In addition to the power supply, cable festoon systems can guide a large number of control lines and optical fibre cables, which can also be moved with control carriers independent of the power loads. We offer a wide range of solutions with accessories in a separate catalogue.

We also have a solution for extremely corrosive environments. Our product range includes non-rusting, acid-proof and seawater-resistant cable festoon systems, as well as accessories for the various systems.