Semi-Electric Order Picker

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Semi-Electric Order Picker OPH 200
For light and low-duty small goods order picking, such as spare parts, carton boxes and other small items, the OPH 200 is the answer for your warehouse. It comes with a fully electric platform for the operator and goods for speedy work. Lifting and lowering is done simply at the push of a button from the remote pad inside the operator cabin. Moving the machine around is done by pushing it manually. 
OPH 200 is able to handle up to a 200 kg load at a maximum platform height of 4500 mm. This allows a picking height of almost 6000 mm to the top of the rack.
The OPH200 Semi-Electric Order Picker Specifications
Model OPH 200
Type Semi-Electric
Capacity (kg) 200
Maximum Platform Height (mm) 4500
Maximum Picking Height (mm) 6000
Platform Size: Goods: W x L (mm) 600 x 640
Overall Length (mm) 1300
Overall Width (mm) 840
Overall Height (mm) 2040
Battery (V/Ah) 12 V/120 Ah