Sectional Doors

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MHE Sectional Doors
Sectional doors are the ideal choice for doors demanding thermal insulation, minimum air infiltration and wind load resistance.  They are particularly suited to applications where frequent transit occurs, such as loading dock doors or internal warehouse doors. 
Features of MHE Sectional Doors
  • Lightweight, strong and durable panel construction
  • Manufactured from a steel-PU-steel high density sandwich panel, in a thickness of 40 mm (also available in 80 mm for special insulation applications), the panel construction provides superior thermal efficiency, an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and proven long-term durability
  • Roll-formed hot dipped galvanised steel interior and exterior panels
  • Double coat baked-on polyester paint for a durable finish
  • Meet stringent wind load requirements
  • Exceptional panel strength and superior track design in accordance with ANSI/DASMA 102-1996 and EN regulations
  • Heavy-duty track and hardware fabricated from high-quality galvanised steel and engineered for precise, trouble-free performance
  • Flexible PVC bottom weather seal minimises air and water penetration and accommodates irregular floor conditions
  • Ideal for manual opening up to 3 mW x 3 mH and motorised pushbutton operation for larger sizes
Sectional doors can be installed in a few types of track configurations to suit the building's internal ceiling height:
Standard sectional doors for civil and industrial buildings. It is used with a height above the door opening (h) equal to 450–530 mm, according to the dimensions
For lowered openings (h) where the ceiling height is very low from the top of the opening height.  Minimum (h) is 300 mm from top of the opening. 
For openings where the opening space exceeds 600 mm, this track configuration is used, allowing the maximum free span from the floor to the ceiling.
Full vertical lift, ideal for high ceilings. This is the most optimal opening and makes opening and closing easy.
MHE sectional doors come with various types of accessories and controls to offer the most suitable application for very specific requirements.