Demag Wheel Block Systems RS

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  • RS wheel block
  • RS wheel block
Our RS wheel block system consists of a housing welded together from two sheet steel halves with an integrated travel wheel. The system is designed for simple assembly in your facility. The varied connection possibilities also make it simple to add it to existing installations in your company at a later date.
RS wheel block system can be supplied with wheel load capacities from 3.5 tons to 18 tons.

The special designs for high temperature applications up to 150°C, or with furnace carriage bearings up to 350°C, are a special feature of the RS wheel block system. The RS 125 size is also available in stainless steel. It is particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry, the foodstuffs sector and in harsh environments.
  • CAD files facilitate design
  • Load-bearing block enclosed on 5 sides with connecting surfaces featuring multiple bore holes
  • Reamed lateral bore holes for the pin connection
  • Integrated connections for torque brackets, guide roller arrangements and buffers
  • Steel housing primed and finished with a top coat in RAL 7001
  • Long service life of the steel and mechanical elements
  • Rapid installation and removal for all connection variants
  • Wide variety of standard travel wheel designs
The gearbox has a hollow shaft featuring involute splines on the output side. The positive connection to the travel wheel shaft guarantees reliable torque transfer, which is ideal for reversing and intermittent operation.