Roof Powered Manntech Systems

crane hoist manufacturer

Since 1980, we have been co-operating with Manntech Fassadenbefahrsysteme GmbH (former Mannesmann Anlagenbau) and successfully installed over 250 BMU machines in South East Asia over the years.
Manntech Fassadenbefahrsysteme GmbH, a world leader in BMU systems, specialises in the design and manufacturing of permanent façade access systems and services on the global market with over 8000 BMU machines supplied and installed to date.
Manntech BMUs are recognised for their quality and reliability within the market place. With a wide range of solutions, Manntech roof-powered BMU machines easily overcome virtually any access challenge of today's increasingly complex building design process.
The main advantages of Manntech BMU systems are:
  • A high-quality drum hoist system with a secondary shoe brake operating directly on the winch drum
  • Conductors inside the wire rope to transmit signals between the cradle and roof car
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long asset life
  Machine housing with multi-layer drum hoist
 Various types of BMU are available:
Type 1: a track-based standard system, twin luffing jibs design with a maximum 3.4 m outreach, suitable for use on building façades without major protrusions or recesses and with sufficient roof space to accommodate the track system as closely as possible to the parapet or along the length of the roof's edge.
Type 2: a track-based standard system, twin luffing jibs design with a maximum 3.4 m outreach, with the track system fixed to the inside face of the parapet wall. Especially for buildings with roofs that are not suitable for bearing the track load or that have insufficient space, as well as for buildings with particularly high parapets.
Type 3: a trackless standard system, twin luffing jibs design with a maximum 3.4 m outreach, for use on roofs with a load-bearing concrete runway. The machine moves on large sized wheels with durable polyurethane tyres, guided by guide rails or inside the parapet with rubber tyre contact rollers.
Type 4: a track-based crane-like system with a compact design and a central jib and rotating head. Particularly suitable in cases where a medium to large outreach (up to 12.5 m) is required because of terracing or roof obstacles. A rotating head on the end of the jib allows the cradle to always travel parallel to the façades of the building. For special requirements, this Type 4 system is also available as a trackless version, depending on the outreach and track gauge.
Type 6: a track-based crane-like system characterised by a long jib with a rotating jib head for reaches of up to 35 m. This system is suitable for overcoming even substantial terracing. Thereby, a single unit of this type, installed in the right position, is able to cover an entire building complex, including its terracing and annexes. According to the building requirements, the jib is available in fixed length or in telescopic versions. The unit usually operates on tracks but can be fixed stationary to the building. If required, the high rotary columns of these systems can also be supplied in telescopic execution to improve the parking position in particular situations. With different façade designs, different types of cradle which will work effectively are available.