Roof Eagle Systems

crane hoist manufacturer

The Eagle, a roof-powered BMU system with two suspension ropes, is a versatile machine which has minimum roof space requirements and is able to move the cradle effortlessly up and down building façades. It is designed with an outreach of up to 3 m and it can run on concrete runways or gondola tracks anchored to the building roof.
The heart of the system is the Syncrowinch, located inside the Eagle machine housing. This drum hoist is designed and manufactured by Plumettaz in Switzerland. It offers a double active suspension rope system which prevents common rope jams and 'bird caging', lowering maintenance costs due to wear and tear on the ropes and hoisting mechanism.
The 1.6 m Eagle cradle has a safe working load of 240 kg for 2 person operation, and the maximum working height is 160 m. Lifting speed is approx. 8.8 m/min.