Cranes for process integration

crane hoist manufacturer

Automatic loading of bundled scrap in rail wagons in a car production plant. The crane stacks the bundled scrap safely and precisely in blocks in the wagons using magnet grabs. Precise guiding of the load is ensured by the telescopic lifting mast.
The very high-quality workpieces weighing up to 120 t for manufacturing high-capacity compressors are positioned right down to the last millimetre at the processing station. Protecting the processing centres and the expensive workpieces is of particular importance.
When the order is changed, the moulds are taken out of the injection moulding machine using an automatic grab and deposited in the mould storage zone. In the second process, the machine is fitted with the new mould that has been supplied and prepared. The crane operating processes are constantly monitored to protect the operators.
The purpose-built MHE-Demag crane used for producing marine diesel engines provides for safe and precise positioning of the high-quality products, which weigh up to 200 t.
Workpieces weighing up to 200 t for manufacturing turbines and generators are positioned right down to the last millimetre for further processing. In addition, the cranes are also fitted with an auxiliary crab for performing additional auxiliary operations, such as turning the products.
Rapid, high-precision cranes are required for supplying tools to the presses. At the end of the bay, the tools are turned for adjustment work.