Monorail Systems

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Rostek monorail system is an access solution where a single track runs along the exterior façade following the shape of the building. Smooth running trolleys mounted on the monorail track allow a suspended gondola cradle to move along the building horizontally or with an incline. They can traverse by either manual or electrical means along the monorail tracks.
For a climbing monorail, a high performance climbing trolley (Roslift) runs along the inclined monorail to suspend and traverse a gondola cradle. The Roslift is capable of climbing any slope, whilst carrying a full load of 500 kg — even vertically!
 Roslift Trolley
Rostek offers a range of different aluminium tracks to solve even difficult and demanding access problems in an economical way. The Rostek tracks are aesthetically pleasing, strong and versatile. All track lengths and bends are customised for each project. Except for the climbing monorail tracks RS127 and RS137 with recommended mill finish, all other tracks are finished with a natural anodised or powder coated finish to any RAL colour.
Below are the different monorail track profiles:
RS 110 (suitable for a ceiling concealed monorail)
RS 162 (suitable for a ceiling concealed monorail)
RS 133
RS 133D
RS 127 (climbing)
RS137 (climbing)
All Rostek monorail systems are designed to comply with the European Standard EN 1808 (Safety requirements on Suspended Access Equipment).