Lift Trucks

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MHE-Demag boasts a comprehensive range of lift trucks for the warehousing and logistics industry. From the simple hand pallet truck to the most sophisticated very narrow aisle (VNA) machines, we can offer the most optimum and suitable truck for handling palletised goods within the warehouse.  Not only that, but this extensive range of lift trucks is carefully chosen to offer efficient and cost effective solutions for customers looking for value and economy in their operations.
Our range of lift trucks are particularly suitable for applications within general warehousing, manufacturing operations, logistics and distribution centres, retail outlets such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as cold stores and refrigerated warehouses.

Hand Pallet Trucks  

We have an extensive range of standard and special hand pallet trucks for handling all kinds of palletised goods inside the warehouse. Capacities range from 500kg for special mini pallets, all the way up to 5.0T for large and heavy goods. 

Electric Pallet Trucks  

MHE-Demag's range of pedestrian walkie and rider pallet trucks ensure efficient flow of goods around your warehouse. Capacities range from 2.0T for walkie versions, and 2.0-3.0T for rider versions requiring more power with higher capacity loads. It is available in a few configurations of fork width and length to allow handling of various types of pallets. 


MHE-Demag's range of stackers are suitable for light and medium duty work within the warehouse. We have a complete range available, from simple manual stackers to counterbalance models, and even drive-in stackers for pallet handling work in all kinds of stacking and storage applications. Available with a capacity of 1.5T up to maximum 5.8 m lift heights, ensuring a wide availability for the specific needs around your warehouse.

Reach Trucks  

Where high usage and efficient flow of goods are required, MHE-Demag's range of reach truck performs the job safely and efficiently with minimum fuss. Available with capacities up to 2.0 t and lifting heights up to 12 metres, MHE-Demag's reach trucks are an optimum choice for the busy warehouse requiring economy and value in their operations.

Forklift Trucks  

MHE-Demag has an extensive range of forklifts for the logistics and warehousing industry, offering clean and robust power with almost maintenance-free operation. Our forklifts come in the latest construction design, with a very stable chassis, good weight-to-load handling performance and an ergonomic and spacious operator cabin with simple and easy controls.

Narrow Aisle Trucks  

Where spacing is a primary concern and high storage capacity is needed, our narrow aisle machines ensure the efficient storage of goods and make picking and retrieval easy.
We offer two types of narrow aisle trucks — an articulated forklift which can work in aisles of up to 2.2 metre widths and very narrow aisle (VNA) guided machines which can work in aisles of up to 1.4 metre widths.  Both machines utilise the most up-to-date narrow aisle technology, offering easy pickup and retrieval of pallets with easy manoeuvrability and high adaptability to many types of warehouses.
Our machines come with capacities from 1.0 t all the way to 2.0 t with lift heights up to 17 metres, making the range one of the most extensive in the industry.  Incorporating the latest technology in both AC and DC versions, these machines are the optimum choice for high storage and high capacity warehouses.

Order Pickers  

Compact order-picker machines from MHE-Demag present an efficient and cost effective method of picking small goods efficiently within your warehouse. Our order-pickers can go to a picking height of 6 metres and are suitable for low to medium duty applications.