KBK Pillar-Mounted Slewing Cranes With Two Jibs

crane hoist manufacturer

  • KBK slewing jib crane with 2 jibs
  • KBK slewing jib crane with 2 jibs
Our pillar-mounted slewing cranes with two jibs are a very effective space-saver, because they have the same space requirements as slewing cranes with only one jib. Four different jib arrangements are available for the perfect workplace design. The efficiency of specific process sequences can be improved and, at the same time, implemented economically.
  • Classification according to DIN 15018 H2B3
  • Hollow-section jib
  • Hammerhead pillar facilitates large slewing angle
  • Anchor bolt set and template for fixing the crane to its foundations
  • Anchor bolt connection
  • Other pillar heights and/or pedestal for larger hook paths
  • Slewing motion limits stops
  • Locking arrangement for the jib