KBK Crane Construction Kits

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The KBK crane construction kit is an efficient and reliable solution for the construction of suspension monorails and suspension cranes.

The construction kit consists of standardised mechanical and control components. This facilitates planning, construction and maintenance. KBK installations can be altered and extended at any time. Straight and curved track sections, track switches, turntables and lift and drop sections can be combined to provide the widest range of material handling solutions.

Installations can range from a straight connection between two workplaces with only a few metres of track, to complex monorail networks, and from simple manual control to automatic systems with computer-controlled integration of the various system areas. KBK installations can be easily adapted to new material handling requirements.
Monorail and crane installations with load capacities up to 3200 kg from the KBK crane construction kit have a successful track record going back over 40 years. Installations built with these components can be found in facilities and workshops of almost any type and every size.

KBK Suspension Monorails  

Suspension monorails from the KBK construction kit are the optimum solution for linear, overhead handling up to 2000 kg. We can offer products ranging from the simplest straight track monorails, to systems incorporating complex—yet standard—components for branching such as track switches, turntables, drop stations and curve tracks.

KBK Suspension Cranes  

For area-serving transportation, KBK crane construction kits can be configured into highly efficient suspension cranes. Single-girder suspension cranes with a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg and double-girder cranes that lift up to 3200 kg can be easily constructed.

KBK Ergo Series  

If you want to move loads beyond the limits of the crane suspension, we can make this possible with the KBK ergo Series. These include manipulator cranes and trolleys, cranes with a large overhang for handling offset loads, or movements which transfer kick-up forces and require the use of KBK ergo components.

KBK Slewing Jib Cranes  

KBK slewing jib cranes are used as workplace cranes for loads up to 1000 kg, and can be integrated easily into the material flow. These slewing jib cranes help to cut setting-up and idle times and reduce unnecessary waiting times. They can be adapted to provide the optimum solution for the most varied requirements in terms of load capacity, slewing range, outreach and features – even including cranes with two jibs.

KBK Portal Cranes  

Ideal for repair and assembly work with loads up to 1000 kg, our KBK portal cranes run on solid, even surfaces without difficulty and can be manoeuvred easily in all directions. They can be easily dismantled, transported and quickly rebuilt elsewhere. For narrow spaces, the crane girder span can also be adjusted to suit particular workplaces.

KBK Stacker Cranes  

The Stacker cranes from the KBK classic crane construction kit are cost effective alternatives to ladders, order picking trolleys or similar equipment. These cranes are a suitable solution whenever loads weighing up to 500 kg have to be transported, sorted and stored in your company. The stacker crab is easily moved by hand and turned, while the lifting motion is carried out by means of an electrical chain hoist.

KBK Aluline  

Compared to our KBK ranges with steel profiles, our KBK Aluline with anodised aluminium profiles has an even lower dead weight, and yet a higher rigidity. It can be used to construct both single and double-girder suspension cranes for area-serving transport requirements as well as straight suspension monorail systems for straight connections between workplaces.