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  • JDN Trolleys
Our JDN Trolleys are available for all hoists in the PROFI and M series as manual trolleys (LN), for pushing or pulling the trolleys by hand; as reel chain trolleys (LH), for moving the trolleys by unwinding the reel chain; or as motorised trolleys (LM), powered by an air motor.
They are easy to install, complete with anti-climb and anti-drop devices, robust and require little maintenance, and they are able to negotiate curves.
Carrying capacities: up to 20 t
Classification: Ex II 2 GD IIA T4(X), II 3 GD IIB T4(X) - Higher Classifications on request.
  • Rack and pinion drive
  • Spark-resistant package
  • Offshore paint
Energy Feeding Systems
The energy can be fed by various different systems:
  • Energy chain
  • C-shaped rail
  • Square rail
  • Spiral hose