Rail Fastening Systems

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We specialise in providing design and support solutions for crane rail interfaces for all types of projects worldwide. From ship to shore container cranes over to power station turbine hall cranes and even up to the mobile roofing of international sporting venues, we are able to apply our proven expertise and engineering capability to fulfil the most complex and challenging of project needs.
To deliver you the best solutions in the industry, we have been working together with Gantry Railing Limited (Gantrail), as their exclusive partner in South East Asia for more than twenty years. With our combined experience and capabilities, we can be your trusted partner, producing complete designs, materials supply and all the services required for the installation of crane rails.


We offer a wide variety of rails to many different standards to suit your crane rail needs. Ranging from 10 to 221 kg per metre, there are over 100 sections available.
  • Best price directly from the mill
  • Rapid availability
  • Alternative section suggested
  • Drilling, bending and machining service available
  • Numerous grades available ranging from 690–1100 N/mm2


Our rail fixing clips are designed in such a way to allow fine adjustment for alignment, whilst at the same time providing a self locking effect against the force of the crane.
The clips can be fixed by either being bolted or welded to the structure.

Rubber Pads  

The Gantrail resilient crane rail pads are designed to allow the rail to move and rotate by small amounts. When rails are on a pad, this is called soft mounting and this helps to ensure a more even stress distribution between the crane wheel and rail and also between the rail and the surface on which it is fixed. There are two pad types, one for a continuously supported rail and one for discontinuous mounting.

Sole Plates  

Sole plates are needed in rail installation, as they not only support the rails, but also enable the entire fastening system to be fixed on.
The holes for bolting the anchor and levelling bolts (and holes for bolt through clips if present) are precisely drilled into the sole plates. For weldable clips and base clips, the bottom of the clip is welded onto the sole plates before galvanising. 

Rail Installation  

MHE Demag offers the total installation package, as we understand that installation plays the most important role in the entire rail installation process.
We have experienced Engineers, Supervisors and Welders, who frequently encounter rail fastening systems, providing the best installation job for the end user.