Folding and Sliding Doors

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Folding Doors
Folding doors are an excellent solution for closing off a large opening whilst still allowing human passage through.  MHE can offer folding doors in either manual or motorised openings and can be equipped with various forms of automatisation and security control such as remote controls, photocells and even control panels.
Folding doors can be made up to a width of 12 metres and height of 6 metres and can be constructed from between 4 to 8 panels.  It can be installed with or without ground rails and various accessories can be fitted such as windows, ventilation grilles, pedestrian exit doors and even special locks.
For an aesthetic appearance, folding doors can come in various panel colours. 
Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are installed to split different departments whilst keeping perfect harmony with the outside structure.  They can be used simply for security purposes, or for environmental or noise control.  These doors have the following advantages:
  • Can be installed directly on the floor without ground rails
  • Thickness of the panels guarantees efficient noise and heat insulation
  • Allow more room inside
They can either be slid to one side or split in halves.