Fully-Electric Order Picker

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Fully Electric Order Picker OPE 300
For operators requiring faster performance and ease of use, the OPE 300 is the solution to goods picking within your warehouse. It is suitable for picking small goods such as goods in carton boxes, spare parts, small inventories and others.  It is built with a fully electric lifting and lowering platform operated by pushbutton, as well as an electric drive system for fast travel and manoeuvring within the warehouse.  
OPE 300 is able to handle up to a 300 kg load at a maximum platform height of 4500 mm.  This allows a picking height of up to 6000 mm within the racks.
The OPE300 Electric Order Picker Specifications 
Model OPE 300
Type Fully Electric
Capacity (kg) 300
Maximum Platform Height (mm) 4500
Maximum Picking Height (mm) 6000
Platform Size: Goods: W x L (mm) 600 x 640
Overall Length (mm) 1550
Overall Width (mm) 700
Overall Height (mm) 2200
Battery (V/Ah) 2 x 12 V/100 Ah