EOT Suspension Cranes / EPDE and EKDE Series

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  • EPDE suspension crane with two hoists
  • EPDE suspension crane with two hoists
Our range of suspension cranes offers you a column-free alternative for your material handling.
MHE-Demag suspension cranes are attached to the existing roof structure. This allows you to save space by not having to install crane runway and pillars. The advantage of this type of installation is that the entire workshop area is available for production because the hoist can reach the wall of the building as no runway is obstructing the hoist. If required, specific sections of the workshop can also be served. The lateral overhangs enable you to extend the travel path of the travelling hoist beyond the span dimension. Optional latching devices make it possible to transfer the travelling hoist from the crane girder to a branch track and back without having to deposit the load. So the hoist can cover a whole factory even if there are supporting columns for the roof.
Two types of designs are available:
  • EPDE suspension cranes with I-beam girder
  • EKDE suspension cranes with welded box girder
  • Rigid I-beam girders or welded box section girders for optimum load distribution
  • Loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall by means of girder ends tailored to the application requirements
  • Travelling rope hoist with a low-headroom design offering particularly favourable hook approach dimensions to serve the largest possible area
  • Power supply to the crab by means of a highly flexible flat cable with a protective earth conductor
  • Control pendant suspended for separate travel on the crane girder
  • Optional: Radio remote control
  • Optimum anti-corrosion protection of all parts thanks to pre-treatment of steel components to industry standard
  • Paint finish in semi-matt golden yellow. Travel drives in azure blue. Trolley powder-coated in azure blue
  • Safe and sustainable production at every level of our supply chain in compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)
  • Product package also includes assistance with the installation, safety measures and training for operators, as well as inspections and after sales services if required
  • Interested engineers, architects and designers can access our Demag Tools for further specifications
See our crane accessories for information on additional equipment.
Suspension crane system allowing the movement of goods from one end of the workshop to the other end.
Underhung cranes in a car manufacturing plant. The single girder crane handles a magnet, and as the crane is suspended from the roof, it can cover the whole workshop floor, a huge advantage.