Docking Equipment

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We are the premier supplier of equipment for the warehousing and logistics industry in the ASEAN region. In partnership with specialised and reputable manufacturers, MHE-Demag offers a one-stop solution for all warehousing equipment needs so that you can operate your warehouse efficiently and safely at all times.  
We can offer a wide range of equipment such as dock levellers, dock seals and shelters, dock tunnels, temporary storage warehouses and warehouse doors, as well as warehouse safety systems and accessories. 
Equipment, such as dock levellers, facilitates efficient goods loading and unloading, whilst ensuring the safety of operators and precious cargo.  Dock seals, shelters and tunnels protect human operators and goods from the weather whilst keeping the warehouse free from external pollutants such as dust, insects and heat.  They can also be used to minimise cooling loss, especially in cold stores and refrigerated warehouses, thereby reducing energy costs.  Doors such as roller shutters, sectional doors and rapid doors are used both for security, as well as application control in sensitive environments.  A host of dock safety systems and accessories are also available to ensure the safety of goods, materials and the operators, so that your warehouse works at peak efficiency at all times. 

Dock Levelers  

The MHE-Demag group is the licensee manufacturer of Blue-Giant (Canada) dock levelers for the ASEAN region. All dock levelers manufactured by MHE-Demag are sold under the brand name MHE Blue Giant and meet the highest quality and safety standards internationally. To date, MHE-Demag has supplied dock levelers to more than 10,000 installations across South East Asia, making it the market leader in loading dock and dock equipment solutions.

Dock Seals, Shelters and Tunnels  

Dock seals, shelters and tunnels are used in many loading docks to reduce energy loss, maintain internal temperature as well as protect products and packaging from outside elements such as rain, inclement weather, dust, insects and other external pollutants. It also helps to promote safety and reduces the risk of theft at the loading bay.

Dock Safety Accessories  

The seemingly safe loading dock is one of the leading accident sites in warehouses that can lead to huge costs. In addition to the direct cost of medical expenses, wage indemnity and claims administration fees, accidents entail many indirect costs. These can include equipment damage, lost productivity and quality, replacement labour costs, litigation, management and supervisor time, missed shipments and damaged customer relations and public image.
MHE-Demag provides a range of dock safety equipment to ensure a safe and efficiently-working loading dock without compromising on safety.


Doors and Strip Curtains  

We offer all kinds of specialised and industrial doors for the warehouse and loading dock for security, application or thermal control. Our portfolio ranges from rolling shutter doors and sectional doors, to sliding doors and application doors such as high speed rapid doors, swing doors and even PVC curtain strips.