Dock Tunnels

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MHE-Demag offers all kinds of dock tunnel shelters where the protection of goods, people and operators are essential to the warehouse's operation.  These special shelters are made of movable steel frames and tailored with a robust PVC covering.  They may come with wheels and even guide rails to allow them to be retracted and extended to the length required.  There are many versions which can be used, as seen from some of the examples here:
In a raised dock warehouse:
   dock tunnel 1
Dock tunnels are used in this raised loading dock to prevent dust and insects from entering the warehouse during loading and unloading operations when the dock doors are opened. When the container truck berths at the loading dock, the shelters are pulled to the truck to seal the edge and top of the truck so that an encapsulation is formed between the truck and the warehouse interior. 
In a flat warehouse:
dock tunnel 3   dock tunnel 4
Dock tunnels like the above are used for protection against rain and weather when a truck comes in.  This is especially useful when the warehouse handles sensitive or white goods which require handling in a clean environment.