Dock Lighting

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Manual LED Traffic Lights and Controller
Use 30% less energy than conventional lights whilst improving visibility. They are designed for all shipping and receiving areas. The energy efficient Light-Emitting Diode lights help truck drivers accurately reverse trailers into the loading bay. The sealed, very low profile fixture is impact-resistant, non-crushable, weatherproof and temperature tolerant. Durable materials plus long life LEDs equal service free units and reduce shipping and energy costs.

Product Details:
• Easily installed
• CSA Approved
• Low profile design eliminates impact damage
• LEDs last for 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous use
• Provides a high-quality light with no glare
• 115 Vac input/24 VC/DC output
• Shock and vibration proof
• Service free – No need to replace bulbs or lenses
LED Loading Dock Light
Brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs whilst using 80% less energy.
Shines a light on the area when loading and unloading a trailer. The BG-LDL is an effective means for employees to control traffic communication whilst providing a safer workplace for employees and minimising the risk of worker injury.
dock light
Easy to operate and providing increased efficiency, the BG-LDL boasts the most durable design in its class and is a great idea for use in refrigerated food warehouses.