Demag Dedrive Pro Frequency Inverters

crane hoist manufacturer

Our Dedrive Pro frequency inverters are high-performance components ranging from 1.5 to 560 kW for 380 to 690 V systems. They are the solution for a variety of requirements and have a firmly established position in the industry. We have developed sophisticated extended functions for special requirements in your company — for example special crane functions.
Infinitely variable motions for travel, lifting, turning and slewing applications.
Additional applications with supplementary options.
  • Simultaneous control of several drives
  • Variable speed at constant torque
  • Variable torque at constant speed
  • Ideal acceleration and braking characteristics
  • Rated output may be temporarily exceeded, if required
  • Special software functions for optimum utilisation
  • Uncomplicated maintenance
  • Simple installation
Extension options
  • IP 55 for operation in arduous environments (up to size R6)
  • Two different applications can be served by switching over parameter sets
  • Fibre optic technology for fast system communications with several inverters
  • Special application modules for particular crane functions
  • Integrated speed monitoring