Chain Hoist DCM-PRO

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  • DCM-Pro chain hoist
  • DCM-Pro for car seat assembly
  • DCM-Pro chain hoist
  • DCM-Pro for car seat assembly
Our DCM-Pro Manulift was developed for handling loads quickly and safely using only one hand. The new DCM-Pro is based on the lifting unit of the DC-Pro chain hoist and the DSM-C control unit which is connected to it by a helical cable. Because the control unit is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment for right and left-handed operation, the operator only needs one hand to operate the chain hoist and guide the load.

Versatile adaptability to any task

A variety of proven load handling attachments facilitate optimum and flexible adaptation of the chain hoist to meet your needs. They range from normal load hooks and various pantograph-type tongs to parallel gripper systems, for example, for KLT containers used in the automotive industry. The DCM-Pro Manulift can also be used with specially developed load handling attachments.
Connections to the Demag DC Pro chain hoist

Manulift load handling attachments can also be made to the DC-Pro chain hoist load hook by means of an adapter. The versatility and flexibility of the new Demag chain hoist provides improved load handling efficiency at the workplace.

  • Quick-change coupling enables a wide variety of load handling attachments to be interchanged
  • Can be used for all Manulift load handling attachments or specially developed load handling attachments