Chain Hoist DC-PRO

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  • DC-Pro chain hoist
  • DC-Pro chain hoist
The newly developed DC-Pro chain hoist has been created to our own high standards in terms of quality and innovation. At the same time, we also provide what you expect from the market leader. The Demag DC-Pro chain hoist enables you to achieve high productivity through its smooth and sensitive handling.

You can operate the DC-Pro in two ways: as the DC chain hoist with a DSC control pendant or as the DCM-Pro Manulift for quickly handling loads using only one hand. A variety of proven load handling attachments facilitate optimum and flexible adaptation of the chain hoist to meet the needs of your application.

  • Two lifting speeds as standard
  • Higher performance
  • "All inclusive" features in the standard version at no extra cost
  •  "Plug & Lift" - all connections are simply plugged in
  • Greater ergonomics
  • Even longer service life, main parts require no maintenance for up to ten years
  • Service friendly: all the relevant components are integrated beneath a cover
  • Monitored brake/clutch system - no load slipping or dropping
  • Rapid replacement of the chain drive without needing to remove the motor or gear parts
  • First control pendant switch for chain hoists with variable adjustment of the position
  • Clear overview of the relevant operating parameters by means of a dialogue interface and elapsed operating time counter
  • Safe and sustainable production at every level of our supply chain in compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)
  • Product package also includes assistance with the installation, safety measures and training for operators, as well as inspections and after sales services if required
  • Interested engineers, architects and designers can access our Demag Tools for further specifications
Chain hoists as system components
Demag DC chain hoists can be conveniently controlled from any position using the DRC-DC radio remote control systems. They offer much greater flexibility than cable-connected control systems and ensure that the operator can maintain a safe distance from the load at all times.
You can, of course, also integrate DC-Pro chain hoists and DCM-Pro Manulift units into the Demag KBK crane construction kit in your application. The new Demag chain hoist develops its full performance on the U 11 trolley.
U trolley
The new Demag chain hoist develops its full performance on the U 11 trolley:
  • Simple and variable adjustment to the flange width (2 ranges: 58 mm to 200 mm and 58 mm to 310 mm)
  • Universal travel wheels for all common steel profile section girders
  • Lateral guide rollers made of steel
  • For curve radii from 1000 mm

E trolley
The E11/E22 offers the following features:
  • Electronic control with wide voltage range input 220 - 460 V/50 + 60 Hz
  • 24 V control voltage, internal tri-state signal transfer to DC chain hoist
  • Travel speeds up to 24/6 m/min (partial load up to 30/7.5 m/min)
  • All electrical connections are created using the plug-in design
  • Inputs for limit switches and fast-to-slow limit switches are integrated into the control card
  • Smooth starting using ramps
  • E11/E22 is fitted to the relevant U11/U22 trolley
  • E22 can also be fitted to the RF 125 friction wheel travel drive 
E11/E22 units are shipped ready for operation. The following settings are also possible:
  • Travel speed, acceleration and braking parameters via DSE-C control pendant
  • Load-sway damping can be activated for the cross travel motion
This is how demanding overhead handling solutions are put into practice!