Cranes for recycling industries

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In the recycling industry, cranes are often fully automatic and work around the clock, particularly during the delivery times at the refuse incineration installations operated by refuse processing facilities.
Blending refuse, serving incineration furnaces and removing the waste ash resulting from several thousand tons of refuse every year places high demands on crane installations and their operators.
In order to operate economically, thermal waste processing installations have to process large quantities of refuse. The cranes that operate in these facilities have to be able to provide high handling rates, reliably and around the clock.
A special requirement for operation in refuse and ash bunkers is active load-sway damping. This is needed because of the mostly very large lifting heights required to prevent the grabs from hitting the bunker walls, which may lead to damage of the installation. In addition, blending and storage operations cannot be carried out automatically at high speed without load-sway damping.
MHE-Demag cranes which are individually specified for refuse handling applications are of optimum design for serving bunkers and pits. They are able to perform all processes fully automatically by means of laser-assisted height measurement. This enables movements to be reduced to a minimum to achieve efficient handling rates.
High-availability cranes fitted with grabs serve furnaces manually and automatically, quickly and reliably all over the world. Working under aggressive conditions is no contest for these cranes. Operating personnel can monitor processes safely from a control station or a cabin.
Economical loading of refuse containers with a purpose-built crane by Demag. The containers are loaded from road to rail.
Intermediate storage of refuse material in bunkers is particularly important, since only even distribution can ensure the rapid access required to feed the furnace continuously.
High-availability refuse-handling cranes fitted with grabs feed the incineration furnaces quickly and reliably in semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.
Two cranes with four-rope grabs installed above the ash bunker of the refuse incineration plant in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) ensure efficient loading of the incineration residue. Both cranes are controlled from the crane cabin fitted on the crane bridge.