Cranes for the pre-cast industry

crane hoist manufacturer

Whenever it comes to special cranes for the pre-cast concrete industry, MHE-Demag is the name. We have supplied many cranes over the years to solve different problems. We have supplied cranes for prefabrication yards and we have also supplied cranes with special features to solve problems when precast elements have to be launched.
We are famous for our C-chapel cranes. The C-shape crane makes it possible to easily load and unload a lorry van from outside the rail and bring the goods or deliver the goods from between the crane legs. We have supplied many such cranes to the prefabrication yards in ASEAN over the years
20 ton capacity C-shape crane. This photo shows the advantage of the crane with the lorry parked outside the storage yard.
A gantry crane with a combination of a C-shaped leg and a more conventional A-type leg.
2 units 125 ton capacity cranes for moving pre-built concrete elements for a large bridge.
A special crane for handling concrete elements for constructing a skyway.