Cranes for petro-chemical industry

crane hoist manufacturer

Supplying cranes to the petro-chemical industry is a job that requires trust. We have experience in this field, as we have supplied explosion-proof cranes since 1972. A petrochemical plant normally requires big cranes, small cranes, manual cranes and electrical cranes. We can be your partner in supplying all the types of cranes and hoists needed.
As it stands right now, we supplied probably the biggest explosion-proof overhead travelling cranes in the world, when we engineered and installed three compressor room cranes units with capacities of 140 t. Our reference list is long, and on it you will also find 12 units of 110 ton cranes for an LNG plant. But we have also supplied many smaller cranes.
Today, MHE-Demag is certified to the European regulation ATEX as well as IECEx. 
A 140 ton crane for a compressor house. Three units were supplied for the maintenance of the compressors.
An 80 ton explosion-proof crane supplied complete with ATEX certification including full compliance to the European Machinery Directive.
Typical ex-proof hoist which can be used either for a crane or can be used as an individual monorail hoist
Long travel explosion-proof motor, gearbox and wheel fully complying with ATEX.
Typical explosion-proof cross travel drive unit in full compliance with the European Machinery Directive and ATEX.