Accessories for Standard EOT Cranes

crane hoist manufacturer

With our wide range of accessories and auxiliary equipment, we match our standard cranes to the individual requirements of your application:

Controlled by pendant switch

Controlled by a pendant switch freely moving along the girder, fixed to the crab or, if required, bi-directional radio control with proportional pushbuttons
Smooth starting control

Smooth starting control or variable speed motors with frequency inverters help to avoid load sway
End carriages with horizontal guide rollers

End carriages with horizontal guide rollers reduce/eliminate skewing and thus the side forces which otherwise act on the crane runway
Operating limit switches or slack rope relays

Limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage
Zone bypass control

The zone bypass control system allows you to specify areas where the crane should not bring the safe working load, preventing collisions with obstacles along the crab travel path
Anti-collision devices and crane distancing systems

Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway
Cranes with two crabs

Cranes fitted with two crabs make it easy to handle long and awkward loads
Load handling attachments

A comprehensive range of load handling attachments satisfies the most varied requirements
Autostat for height adjustment of the control pendant

An automatic height adjustor for your control pendant to facilitate load attachment