Cranes for container handling

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The fast and efficient handling of containers is not only a major challenge in ports and railway goods terminals. The efficient utilisation of space with containers is increasingly being employed, not only for overseas traffic, but also for classic transport operations and intermediate storage applications. The standardised containers can be stored close together, thus ensuring the optimum utilisation of the available space. Operations become critical when it comes to the question of efficient handling, for example when it comes to finding and transporting specific containers. We have perfect crane solutions for companies and areas of all sizes.
We design container handling cranes to cater for the customer's needs. The cranes are designed to handle the required number of containers in order to ensure optimal investment.
For high container turnover rates fully automatic systems may be employed. This means that our cranes locate the containers using a warehouse management system. These “intelligent” cranes enable the operator to store, transfer and retrieve items quickly and therefore efficiently, with minimum personnel requirement.
Whether the crane is controlled manually by radio remote control or by a warehouse management system, all the variants offer the benefits of optimum space utilisation and simultaneous rapid access to the furniture containers.
An MHE-Demag container handling crane operating in a container production facility handles empty containers.
A container handling crane enables the customer to load and unload containers from a train.
Container handling cranes operating in areas with extremely low headroom store and retrieve containers in a container storage yard, which is normally situated close to an international airport.
A speciality in the container handling business is the container hoist, which allows vertical transportation of containers into tall warehouses without the need for a ramp to bring the container to the relevant storey in a lorry.