Demag Conical Rotor Motor Type KB

crane hoist manufacturer

  • KB conical-rotor brake motor
  • KB conical-rotor brake motor
The Demag KB conical-rotor brake motor provides you with a brake motor that utilises a unique operating principle: the brake is not separately controlled, but firmly connected to the rotor, i.e. integrated. This means that motor start-up and brake release, as well as motor switch-off and brake application, are all synchronised.

The Demag KB conical-rotor brake motor features a remarkably simple, robust and reliable brake system. It is an outstanding solution wherever demanding requirements have to be met by the brake.

  • Extremely high switching frequency
  • High braking energy
  • Unaffected by temporary overload
  • Long brake lining service life, since the heat generated by the brake is immediately dissipated
  • Short overall length, since the brake disc is connected to the motor fan
  • No separate control or additional switching elements required, since the brake is automatically applied and released
  • No additional motor temperature rise, since a brake coil is not necessary