Chameleon Cradles

crane hoist manufacturer

Chameleon cradle is a revolutionary product from MHE-Demag where the hoist in the cradle is a drum hoist type. The Chameleon is a versatile machine with the agility to climb effortlessly and safely up and down the building. It is used together with the monorails, sockets and davits, motorised trolleys or other rigging systems.
The name of the platform hoist is called Syncrowinch, designed and manufactured by Plumettaz in Switzerland. It offers a double active suspension rope system that eliminates the common problems associated with friction/traction climbing. All wire ropes are suspension ropes with 6.5 mm diameter and the rope safety factor of each rope is greater than 12.
                 Double stop block
Syncrowinch technical data:
  • 500 kg winch capacity
  • Max. 160 m lifting height
  • 8.8 m/min lifting speed
  • Dia. 6.5 mm wire rope
  • Double stop block safety
  • Shock impact below 2.0
  • Manual descend at controlled speed
  • TÜV certified to EN1808
Types of Chameleon cradle:
Chameleon I with a 1.6 m length and a single Syncrowinch at the back of the cradle
Chameleon II with a 2 or 3 m length and double Syncrowinches at both ends of the cradle
Chameleon II with modular platforms up to 15 m in length
Chameleon II with pantograph design to reach into the recessed façade, up to 1.2 m in depth