Cranes for cement industry

crane hoist manufacturer

Our cement grabbing cranes follow a stringent heavy-duty classification in order to secure the continuous feeding of the cement plant operation. These high production cranes have high speed requirements and are operated from a closed cabin due to the dusty environment.

The cranes can be equipped with either a hydraulic grab and a single winch or a four wire rope grab operated by two winches, an opening winch and a closing winch. Four wire rope grab cranes require the least maintenance and are the preferred solution.

In compliance with recommendations from ISO standards, our closing winches are designed to cope with 100 % of the safe working load. Modern Demag DeDrive Pro inverters combined with a differential limit switch ensure safe, simple but efficient operation, as well as a smooth and safe long and cross travel acceleration of the crane. Long and cross travel limit switches are standard, as well as anti-collision limit switches in case there is ever more than one crane on a runway. Preventive maintenance and a standard service contract will ensure the operation of the cranes 24/7.

Demag’s continuous development of crane components for more than 175 years has perfected a design where the emphasis is on safety and easy maintenance. All components are fixed to each other via machined surfaces, a method that ensures easy and correct replacement. 
All components and design elements comply with the latest developments in safety and design, following the latest up-to-date crane standards and European machinery directives. This means that our cranes will also come with all the documentation required to comply with the machinery directives and the subsequent CE marking.