Car Parking Systems

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We live in a mobile society. There are more and more vehicles on the roads in every country, which have to be parked in spaces that are becoming increasingly rare. That is a big challenge for city planners, architects, builders and building owners. To meet this demand, innovative and space-saving parking systems like those from MHE-Demag mechanised car parking systems are required.
In the last 20 years, MHE-Demag has been representing KLAUS Multiparking from Germany in South East Asia for supplying mechanised car parking systems. KLAUS Multiparking GmbH, is one of the most important suppliers of innovative multiparking systems worldwide with over 500,000 parking spaces installed. KLAUS Multiparking has 100 years of company history and has 40 years of know-how in the planning and production of parking systems.

MHE Automated Guided Vehicle Parking Systems  

MHE-Demag’s Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) parking solution is the latest addition to the family. It involves employing an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to help drivers park their cars. In simple terms, it is like having a robot as your valet, which follows markers or wires in the floor, and employs the usage of vision, magnets, or lasers for navigation purposes. There are two distinctive benefits of using the system. Firstly, a supporting steel structure for the parking system is not required and this omission leads to substantial cost saving. Secondly, the system offers relatively faster retrieval time, the average retrieval time for a car parked with the AGV parking solution is two minutes, as compared to conventional multi-storey car parks, which take around 10 to 15 minutes. Please view our product video to find more about the system: View Video

MHE Auto-Transfer Parking Systems  

MHE Auto-Transfer Parking Systems are fully-automated car parking systems utilising shuttles and elevated transfer vehicles (ETV) to horizontally and vertically shift the cars to the nearest available parking bays. It is a palletless solution for fastest car retrieval speed and easy maintenance.

MHE Tower Parking Systems  

MHE Tower Parking Systems are fully automated car parking systems which occupy the least area of land to store a maximum quantity of cars. The systems elevate cars in its shafts to deposit and retrieve them from the respective parking levels. They are available either as Uni-Tower Parker with lateral comb exchange shuttles at each parking bay or as Multi-Tower Parker with a longitudinal comb exchange shuttle on the lift to accomodate larger parking requirements.

MHE Puzzle Parking Systems  

MHE Puzzle Parking Systems lift and slide cars on pallets into the nearest available parking bay like in a sliding puzzle. They utilize drum motors or hydraulic cylinder transmition systems to pull the pallets with wire ropes or chains.

MHE Stacker Parking Systems  

The MHE Doppeldecker Series are Stacker Parking Systems which provide two parking levels in the space of one. They come as dependent or independent systems, depending whether they are constructed in above ground or in a pit.

MHE Vehicle Turntables  

MHE Vehicle Turntables help drivers to maneuver tight corners and turn the car into the correct dimension for entry and exit of parking facilities. Vehicle turntables are also common in showrooms and exhibitions, to display cars impressively with 360° rotation. The diameter of such turntables can be up to 35 meters and they can handle up to 20 tonnes with a speed of up to 2 rpm.

MHE Carlifts  

MHE-Demag carlifts provide a space saving solution for transferring vehicles between different levels. The vehicle and driver will be transported together in the carlift cabin to either the parking level or the street level. The two operating panels are located inside the lift cabin allowing the driver to operate the carlift by simply winding down their window. Sometimes a carlift is used to access different parking levels when there is not enough space for a driving ramp.
Depending on the carlift's lifting height, we differentiate between three basic types:
  • Scissor Hydraulic type (up to 6 m)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder type (up to 22 m)
  • Traction Wire type

KLAUS Multiparking Semi-Automatic Parking Systems  

KLAUS Multiparking's TrendVario systems make optimal use of the space available and offer the highest level of flexibility. The parking spaces are mobile as the platforms can be shifted automatically both horizontally and vertically, with the push of a button.
Four Semi Automated Car Parking models are available:

KLAUS Multiparking Parkers  

KLAUS Multiparking Stacker Parker systems can double or triple the parking space with 2 or 3 parking levels. The Stacker Parker can be divided into two categories: dependent system and independent system.
The dependent system does not require a pit; the lower vehicle needs to drive out before the upper deck can be lowered. This dependent system is normally used with valet parking.
The independent system requires a pit, which the lower vehicle can sink into for the upper vehicle to drive out, thus all parking space users can access their vehicles independent of other users.

KLAUS Multiparking Parking Pallets  

KLAUS Multiparking Pallet parking systems help to accommodate vehicles even after all parking spaces have been occupied. They simply create additional parking spaces in driving lanes or previously unused areas.
The pallet parking system is a space saving system which could also be installed later in an existing garage. 

KLAUS Multiparking ParkDisc  

The KLAUS Multiparking ParkDisc vehicle turntable is a rotating platform designed to turn the vehicle to any angle. It is usually installed in a driveway or in a garage floor.
The turntable is useful for turning the vehicle when the driveway is very narrow. With the push of a button, the vehicle on the turntable can be rotated in any direction to allow the driver to both park and exit without the need to reverse. 
For bigger vehicles, turntables with a larger diameter and higher load allowance are available upon request.